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For Licensed Acupuncture Physicians Only

Ban lan Gen                          2cc Single - 10/Box $8.00     $80.00/Box  

Yu Xing Cao                          2cc Single - 10/Box $8.00     $80.00/Box  

Chai Hu                                   2cc Single - 10/Box $8.00       $80.00/Box  

Dang Gui Compound            2cc Single - 10/Box $8.00     $80.00/Box  

Dan Shen                                 2cc Single - 10/Box $8.00    $80.00/Box  

Huang Qi                             10cc Single -  5/Box $30.00     $150.00/Box

Sheng Mei Yin                    10cc Single -  5/Box $30.00     $150.00/Box

Huang Rui Xiang                   2cc Single  -10/Box $8.00     $80.00/Box  

Xiang Dan Compound           2cc Single - 10/Box $8.00     $80.00/Box  
Qing Kai Ling                        2cc Single -10/Box $ 8.00     $80.00/Box
Shuang Huang Lian            20cc Single -  5/Box $50.00    $250.00/Box

Ci Wu Jia                             20cc Single - 5/Box $50.00      $250.00/Box                     

Hong Hua( High Potency)    5cc Single - 10/Box $15.00    $150.00/Box

Herbal Acid Reflex Pill                                      $15.00/unit
Herbal Eye Drop(ZhenZhuMingYe)        $15.00/unit
Warts Remover (Ointment Paste)            $30.00/unit

San Qi Shang Yao Pian(Trauma)             $ 9.00/unit
Heart Rescue Remedy(Emergency)         $35.00/unit
Dan Shen Pian (Heart Muscle)               
  $ 9.00/unit
Roundworms Rid Pian                              $35.00/unit
Herbal Pain Killer                                   
Herbal Chubby Breast Cream  80g         
Herbal Skin Slimmer Cream    80g         

Large orders may be eligible for 10-20%   
Discount. Please contact us for details.
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