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Chinese New Year in the Year of the Ox
by Dr. Feng  Song AP., OMD.

In 2009, celebration for the Chinese New Year begins on January 26,
the day of New Moon, and ends 15 days later during the full moon.
Traditionally, these days are celebrated as days of renewal, reunion
and thanksgiving. Because the Chinese developed a system that adds
leap months (7 every 19 years) instead of the leap days, Chinese New
Year varies from our Western calendar, falling between January 21
and February 20. This date is usually the second but sometimes third
new Moon following the Winter Solstice.
2009 is the year of the Ox. The Ox is one of 12 animal symbols devised
to identify certain qualities to those born in that year, although the
more complex system of the Stems and Branches cycle of 60 yin/yang
pairs has been considered more accurate by most Chinese astrologers.
The Ox symbolizes steady, trustworthy, sure strength, a methodical
and tireless worker mixed with a bit of stubbornness.
The Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture gives
special thanks to Dr. F. Song for sharing her thoughts on the Chinese
New Year and the Year of the Ox. Check out her upcoming
PDAs/CEUs on the Origins of Acupuncture and  Chinese Medicine

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